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10 Cool Things You Can Do With Apple Pencil (iPad Stylus)

Things to do with Apple pencil

Apple Pencil was a great hit for artists, but do you know there are so many other cool things your Apple Pencil can do?

Whether you have the first-generation Pencil or second, the Apple Pencil can do much more than just writing and drawing.

Below, We’ve listed ten interesting things your Apple Pencil is capable of doing.

1. Tracing

This is beneficial for artists as with the Apple Pencil, you can trace documents, graphs, images and many other things by placing a paper on your iPad’s display and making digital copies of your traced items.

However, it is recommended to remove your screen protector for better tracing (in case you have one). Also, use a regular paper or print paper for tracing instead of a thick paper.

2. Erasing

You don’t have to worry about making a mistake when drawing or writing with the Apple Pencil. As you can erase what you want by switching your Pencil to the eraser mode.

In the 2nd generation Apple Pencil you can even switch back to your last drawing tool before activating erasing mode by double-tapping the Pencil’s lower section.

3. Easy Tip Replacement

With regular use, the quality of your Pencil’s tip will deteriorate, but you can remove it easily by twisting the tip counter-clockwise and then replace it with a new tip securely by twisting it clockwise.

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4. Secure The Pencil

It’s easy to lose your Apple Pencil. But there are many accessories like magnetic iPad covers, pen loops, Velcro pencil holder and much more. With the help of these, you can keep your Pencil safe and secure.

If you want to purchase a stylus for your iPad, then start here and go through the best Apple Pencil options.

5. Pressure Sensitive

The Apple Pencil is equipped with pressure sensors, for instance, if you tilt the pencil on a very low angle and use the side of the Pencil tip, you can shade your drawings like a pro. Similarly, if you press harder or lighter, you can create thick or thin lines.

6. Draw Straight Lines

This is another useful trick where you can open your attachments or sketches in the Notes app which has the option of a ruler.

Place the ruler on your sketch, adjust its angle if you want with two fingers and draw along the edge of the ruler for neat and straight lines. With the help of the ruler, you can even draw perfect shapes.

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7. Sign Your Documents

Signing off your documents and contracts digitally on a touchscreen is a great feeling and is possible with the Apple Stylus.

Open your documents in apps that support Markup and then choose the signature option from the Markup preview to sign your documents.

8. Works With Third-Party Apps

Apart from the Notes app and the Markup mode, there are several paid third-party apps which are fully compatible with the Apple Pencil so you can draw, design and create as you please.

9. Search Handwritten Notes

This time-saving trick works with iOS 11 onwards. Apple’s operating systems are smart enough to recognize and search even your handwritten notes, you can search for your handwritten notes through the Spotlight Tool and even explore the notes saved in your Notes app too by typing the word present in your notes.

10. Palm Rejection

In the previous iPad pencils, drawing or writing was a very difficult task as you could not rest your arm on the screen while doing your task to avoid making unnecessary marks or lines.

Luckily, the iPad Pro has a palm rejection feature, which allows you to rest your hand on the screen while you draw or take notes without cramping your arm or creating unwanted marks.

There you have it, the 10 best tips and tricks which you can do with your Apple Pencil. If you haven’t purchased one, then the above article should convince you to use a stylus for your iPad.


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