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7 Road Trip Items You Need to have in Your Bike

Road Trip Essentials List

We have all been there, the days leading up to a big motorcycle trip, the excitement grows, the planning starts.

A road trip on your beloved bike requires careful preparation and forward-thinking, especially if you want to make the most of your time riding!

Whether this is your first or your 100th road trip, it is still worthwhile to plan ahead and think about what you need.

You just never know what kind of situation you will find yourself in, and if you are planning on traveling through remote areas, maybe the kit you bring will be all you have.

Keep reading to find out our 7 essential things to bring on your next motorcycle road trip.


Number 1 on any list involving travel. Insurance is your safety net, be it medically or financially. As much as we love motorcycles, it is no secret that accidents can happen.

A riders vulnerability can be exposed due to poor roads, bad weather conditions or stupid drivers and this can have lasting effects and serious consequences.

If you are planning on a trip domestically or internationally, insurance is essential to ensure your safety and security.

One mistake could see you rack up huge medical bills, stopping or preventing any future motorcycle trips for the foreseeable future.


Okay, so we are in 2019 and everyone has a smartphone with a GPS system, but a dedicated GPS is a way more reliable device and an essential tool in ever riders kit.

Whether you are abroad or at home, the point of a road trip is to see things and places that you have not seen or experienced before, however, this can very easily lead to any rider getting lost quickly.

A GPS is a great safety net in terms of not getting too lost and finding your way to your next destination.

As a backup, a physical map is also greatly encouraged, as you never know when technology will fail you, break or run out of battery, leaving you in the lurch.


If your trip consists of remote areas and rural routes, then a tool kit is a must.

Being stranded somewhere beautiful yet deserted can have awful consequences for you and your trip.

Make sure you bring all of the relevant tools to make adjustments and small repairs, including a tool bag with a tire-plug kit with a CO2 tire-inflation system or a small pump.

The kit does not need to be a fully stocked garage that weighs a tonne, but just the essentials to keep your bike going until the next town or village with a repair shop.


An essential on any trip, anywhere, but especially important for riders.

A first aid kit can be the difference between life and death on the road, so make sure you pack a good one!

Accidents are never planned, and nobody sets off on their bike thinking they will crash, but that is why we were helmets and carry a first aid kit wherever we go, for those ‘just in case’ moments.

I think that this is the best guide out there in terms of what to bring in your first aid kit.

You never know when a dog will run out into the road, or a sandy patch will make your wheel skid out, you just never know!


Road Trip Items

A proper helmet, suitable gloves and trusted motorcycle riding trousers and jacket are vital to your safety on a big trip.

Remember, you are not just popping down to the shops, you will be driving for many hours each day on the unfamiliar road, so a proper gear could be the difference between life and death!


This may sound very obvious, but motorcycle trips through remote areas can often mean many miles between gas stations and even longer between repair shops or garages.

Even if your touring bike makes has great mileage to the gallon, make sure you attach an extra can on petrol to your bike, just in case!

Here are a few more reasons why it is a good idea to take some extra gas on your trip.

It is one of many motorcycle accessories, you only need to get stranded once to remember it every other trip you take! Nobody wants to be walking their bike through a village at night looking for petrol!


Some of my favorite journeys have been taken with my best friends, the thrill of riding through incredible landscapes with your buddies is something truly remarkable.

Sharing these incredible adventures with other people is half the reason I love to ride motorcycles, and opening a bottle of wine after a long hard day riding with friends is a great feeling.

There is also an added layer of safety when riding in small groups, if something bad happens on the road, you can help each other out.

If you are a lone wolf, no problem, just make sure you have someone who knows your route and general itinerary, as you never know what can happen out there.

There you have it folks, our most trusted and essential checklist when planning any journey or a road trip on your motorcycle.

This list has helped me in many places and on many different occasions, so read it carefully!

Most importantly, have an amazing time doing what you love most.

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