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How to Spray Paint a Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

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Spray painting is one of the easiest methods to revamp your farmhouse kitchen faucet. One can easily practice it with minimum effort applied.

Kitchen faucets are subjected to weathering conditions in general. Their metallic surfaces are more prone to damage. Faucets for farmhouse sink, in particular, lose their gleam quicker. Moreover, this is due to the increased encounters with the outdoors. The increased humidity adds to the weathering of the surface.

This guide will help you understand the simple methods that work into play while spray painting a farmhouse kitchen faucet. These faucets, in particular, stand out due to their installed, long sprayer systems.

Some of the most common reasons for refinishing these faucets are nicks in the steel, dented surfaces, or revamping. Spray painting will bring in a new look while also catering to better function with a smooth finish.

8 Steps to Spray Paint a Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet

Step 1: Repairing any nicks or deformities in the faucet

Stainless steel metals are more prone to nicks on their smooth, shiny surfaces. Especially in farmhouses, there is a lot less care. Your kitchen faucet is subjected to a lot more damage. It is better to smooth them out with sandpaper. 220 sandpaper is a recommended option in most cases.

Any present cracks or chipped surfaces need to be repaired. Dents on surfaces are usually replaced with fillers available in the market. The basic purpose of this step is the preliminary examination of the faucet.

It is highly necessary for the viability of the coming procedure. If this step is not performed precisely, the spray paint will not have a long life and will easily peel off. Cracked surfaces lower the efficiency of the paint job.

Step2: Clean the faucet surface well

Like any other paint job, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Kitchen faucets are already subjected to a lot of grease and oil. Make sure you use an excellent degreasing wash solution. If your faucet has a previous paint job flaking, make sure you manage to scrub it off well. Taking out all uneven grains will make the paint job appear flawless.

Step 3: Scrape the surface using a steel-wool.

In this step, you scour the entire faucet surface using the mesh steel wool. Circular strokes with the steel wool will help smooth out the metallic surface. This step allows you to texture your surface. You can apply slight pressure and scrape the metal to your required smoothness. Washing the surface while scouring is also a good option. This will aid in the resulting final texture.

Step 4: Allow the faucet to dry.

Painting on wet surfaces does not give a good result. It would be best if you allowed the surface to dry out before starting the paint job completely. You can opt for various drying techniques. Wiping with dry towels or air drying with the help of a fan are two suitable options. You can choose either one to dry out your area completely.

Drying out the faucet before painting is an essential step. This is because wet surfaces will emulsify the spray paint. The paint coat will not be able to adhere to the surface.

Step 5: Protect surrounding areas.

This step depends on where you are painting. Usually, people prefer to paint the faucet in its fixed position. This saves the expenditure and effort of re-fixing the sink. There are also risks of possible breakage during this task.

It is recommended that you spray paint the fixed faucet. It will save you a whole lot of time. You can easily protect the surrounding areas by using painter’s tape or any other plastic cover. These areas may include the walls behind and the drain hole.

Spray paint is already a lot more illustrious than standard paint when it comes to application. Make sure you target the application in the right direction; on the suitable target surface.

Step 6: Paint your faucet.

Now you can get to the main job itself. Make sure that you have selected the right spray paint. Some spray paints have surface chosen applications. Know the material of your faucet before you go on to select the spray paint. Most spray paints have direct application. However, they require a suitable primer before the application of the paint itself. This will give your paint job a long lifespan.

Spray on the first layer as evenly as possible. Make sure you manage to cover all target areas. Could you leave it to dry off for 1-2 hours? Most spray paints come with a fast-drying application. It is either way, better to go for a more extended period.

Step 7: Apply a second layer of paint.

Make sure the first layer has completely dried off. This will allow the paint to adhere to the faucet surface completely. A minimum of four hours recommended dry time is needed for the first layer. If there are any spot runs or uneven drips of paint on the faucet, the second layer helps fix it.

You can scour the uneven texture of the first layer with steel wool. Make sure you do not scrape off the entire paint job. Finely scour before spraying on the second layer.

Spray on the second layer just as evenly as the first one. Subject it to the same drying mechanism. Make sure there are no spot runs or drips. This will help give you a smooth finish.

Step 8: Final finish

Make sure that the paint has completely dried before removing all plastic coverings and tapes. You can use a smooth cotton/wool cloth to wipe the faucets. Use only non-abrasive cleaning detergent for washing the freshly painted surface.


Spray painting manages to give the farmhouse kitchen faucet a smooth finish. The final result is always quite appealing and is just as illustrious as any other conventional paint job. It is quick and precise when it comes to application. It manages to cover every inch and nook of the sprayer system.


Spray painting your farmhouse kitchen faucets will help you revamp them. It will save you from spending on a new faucet. Customizing your faucets with spray paint is cheaper than spending on high-end new ones, especially since farmhouses are generally beaten a lot more by the weather. So by following the above tips and techniques you can easily spray paint your farmhouse kitchen faucet.

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