When it comes to Bollywood romantic movies, our Hindi movies have got a huge number of movies to be talked about in this category.
Chahe Salim-Anarkali ho,Raj-Simran ho,Rahul-Anjali ho ya the latest Humpty-Kavya….every couple justifies to the romantic themes of the Bollywood romantic movies.
Today let us read about some of the evergreen Bollywood romantic movies-

The movie coming on the first place in this list of top Bollywood romantic movies is-

1.Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge:

Ahhhh…after listening the word romance,the first person who comes in our mind is Shahrukh Khan,the Badshah of Romance and so are his movies. If you grew up thinking about your khwabo ka prince then definitely this movie had made a place in your top lists of Bollywood romantic movies. A typical Indian movie with story of an NRI boy and a simple girl, whose father is extremely conservative and doesn’t supports their love. With excellent music,wonderful locations and amazing cinematography,this Bollywood romantic movies ruled the box office for quite a long period of time.
And cherry on the cake is, you can still enjoy this movie with your friends and family in the Maratha Mandir as it has crossed 1000 weeks of screening there and still able to create the same magic everyday.

The next movie coming in this list of top Bollywood romantic movies is-


This is old and best Bollywood romantic movies, although released long back in the year 1960, this movie presented a royal sparkling of the real hues of history. This movie took a long time of 12 years for its completion but what we all got as a result was worth it. This movie is all about a Mughal prince Salim, who falls in love with Anarkali, a dancer in his court.
When his father doesn’t accepts his love he revolts against his father to show the power of his love. The awesome sets, the indelible songs and yes..the magic of love, all makes this movie a milestone in the history of bollywood. And how can we forget that this movie gave a new anthem to all the lovers…”Jab Pyar Kiya Toh Darna kya”.

The next movie coming in this list of top Bollywood romantic movies is-

3.Hum Aapke Hai Kaun:

Is it possible that we are talking about Bollywood romantic movies and a Rajshri production work is not there. No, not at all. Don’t know about you all but this movie makes a special place in my list of Bollywood romantic movies. You must be thinking about whats so special, whats different in this and what not…so Hold on!! This movie contains almost everything a bollywood romantic movies should have. Although typical yet so different. A complete family picture. Many acclaimed it as a video of some wedding but to be truthful its enjoyable to see all the phases of an Indian wedding in just a time of 3 hours along with a beautiful love story picturing Madhuri Dixit and the heartthrob since that time, Salman Khan(still the most eligible bachelor.)
The beautiful songs just took the heart away of all the viewers. Prem and Nisha became an inspiration for all the lovers of that time.

The next movie coming in this list of top Bollywood romantic movies is-

4.Kuch Kuch Hota hai:

Again we have the king of romance..n upar se DDLJ ki diamond jodi ka tadka…Yes you guys are right..Shahrukh Khan with Kajol again but as Rahul and Anjali this time…toh magic toh banta hai boss. K Jo’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is another remarkable romantic movie in our Bollywood romantic movies.
Rani Mukherjee also played an important role in the movie as Tina.

The next movie coming in this list of top Bollywood romantic movies is-

5. Jab We Met:

Talked so long about Bollywood romantic movies and we yet don’t have this one on our list so end your wait here with Jab We Met. A bang on romantic movie with the best punjabi tadka. Imtiaz has got everything just right in its place. A bubbly punjabi girl Geet, played by Kareena is a fun loving girl or indeed a typical love myself kinda girl as she said in her dialogue, “Main toh khud ki favourite hu.. By God”. And in male lead is Shahid in an extremely lovable image. Although this jodi didnt ended as a successful one in real life but in real life it rocked. Additionally its songs were just the perfect album containing the party song, romantic one and sad all at once.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post on Bollywood romantic movies and will definitely view these all time favorite Bollywood romantic movies if not yet. I’ll be back with many other interesting posts for you guys in the next few day so please keep visiting our site for living your life free of stress. Write us in comments below your suggests about other all time favorite Bollywood romantic movies and we will love to add them in our list.

Till then Take Care and Sayonara!!


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