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15 Places to visit in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is also known as the “land of kings”. it is a state located in western India . it is the largest state in india in terms of land. capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur,it is also the largest city in Rajasthan .there are some symbols of Rajasthan such as dance like ghoomar , animal like camel and chinkara , birds such as godawan , flower like rohida , tree such as khejri . in rajasthan there are three national tiger reserves such as rankhambor national park in sawai madhorpur , sariska tiger reserve in kota .

Below are the places that you should visit on your next trip to Rajasthan

1 . Jaipurjaipur rajasthan

Also known as pink city . It got its name of pink city due to the fact that in 1876 , in order to welcome prince of wales and queen Victoria who visited india for a tour . as pink denotes peace and hospitality  , maharaja ram singh painted the whole city with pink color .

Key places to visit in Jaipur

1 . amber fort:- amber fort is one of the massive structure of state . this fort is famous for its beauty in architecture and its antique décor items . you can also enjoy elephant ride over there . The huge fort and its manifest charm imparts royal style and rajput construction and culture . It took approx two centuries to construct the complete amber fort . it is made up of white marbel and red sandstone which gives its glaring look . palace :- city palace was the home of royal family . this place compromises of many ancient styled buildings , many courtyards and gardens.

  1. hawa mahal:- hawa mahal is also known as wind palace . greatly it is famous for its honey comb like structure . It is called hawa mahal because of consisting more than hundred windows . the ideology behind this numerous window is that to provide the whole view of street life , celebration around etc for the royal women in the palace itself without going outside . hawa mahal is comprese of five floors with strong flow of wind when all the windows are open .
  2. naharrgarh fort:- his fort was built in 18th century ,located in aravali ranges. The speciality of the fort is its spectular view . anciently it was a defensive structure.

Best time to visit jaipur :- best time to visit jaipur will be from September to march . this time will be more preferable because of the lower temperature at that time.

How to reach jaipur :- you can prefer road ,bus or even by air also . it has 3 railway junctions also and airport having both domestic and international terminals .

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2 . jaisalmarjaisalmer fort rajasthan

Jaisalmar city is also known as “the golden city” . the city is located on a yellowish sandstone and the huge ancient jaisalmer fort is also located there . the heart of thetown is the great dessert . the city consists of many houses and temples .

Key places to visit in jaisalmer

1.jaiselmer fort :- also known as golden fort . the name golden was based on the yellow sandstones used in the building of this fort . this yellow sandstone made the fort camouflage with desert sand especially during day time . due to this enemies found difficulties to approach the fort in the middle of the desert . the fort has only small elevation giving perfect view to the visitors of the surroundings .

  1. dessert safari :- in the middle of golden sand, jaisalmer shares magical desert which looks glaring in appearance in the of hot sun . travelling to this desert town and expressing golden air will be magical .
  2. kuldhara village :- it is situated around 20 km from the golden city jaisalmer . it is one of the most intriguing attraction location . the village shares huge number of legends and myths . thee are countless beautiful and interesting appearances . it is a very mysterious place too .
  3. jain temple :- these temples are situated within the jaiselmer fort only. The walls have carved structure which shows the hermits, pictures of sage and animals . it was built in one of the most famous style of architecture hat is dilwara
  4. gadisar lake :- this lake was the source of water in ancient time at approx 14 m century . now, it is connected into tourist place .

Best time to visit jaisalmar :- octocber to march is the best time as wheather is pleasant as well as cool . it is the best time to witness colorful snading terrain .

How to reach jaisalmar :- by road or railways , you can choose any medium to reach there . nearest airport is in jodhpur which is approx 300 km far away .

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  1. jodhpurjodhpur fort-rajasthan

jodhpur is second largest city in the state rajasthan . it is set in the landscape of thar desert . this city is known by many names such as blue city od sun city . it is cultural capital of state of rajasthan .

Key places to visit in jodhpur :-

  1. mehrangarh fort :- one of the largest forts in the country . fort also have a museum inside which depicts and give glimpse of royal belongings . it was built in 1959 by rao jodh . it is situated in the hill at the elevation of 410 feet .
  2. jaswant thada :- it was built by white marbel completely . it ahs beautiful decorated and planted garden and a small pond near by . jaswant thada is nearly located fromm mehrangarh fort .
  3. umaid bhawan palace :- it is voted the best hotel in the world . it is one of the most popular destination among the touruists . is name was given by the king of jodhpur, raja umaid singh . as it is located above the chitar hill is is also called as chittar palace . it is also one of the largest private residence all over the world .
  4. ghanta ghar :- with its beautiful look and charm it is in the centre of the city . surrounded by the largest market palace in the city .
  5. Kaylana lake :- it is a huge man made lake of the city situated in the outskirts . primarly its function is to provide drinking water to the people of the city and neighbouring places also .

Best time to visit jodhpur :- you can prefer novermber to February to visit jodhpur , altogether temperature also drop down to 0 for few days in the month of January .

How to reach jodhpur :- this city have a great medium to reach . you can choose road, railways or airport for the same .

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  1. jhunjhunu

This city of rajasthan has many textile and copper producing industries . it’s a very beautiful and clean city . with a wide variety of attraction for all sorts of people .

Key places to visit in jhunjhunu :-

  1. rani sati temple :- this temple has the stories from the ancient time of mahabharat . it is one of the oldest temple approx 400 years old located on the hills of the jhunjhunu city .
  2. khetri mahal :- it is also known as wind palace . the foundation was laid by Bhopal singh in 1770 . it is one of the most glaring architecture of that time . it is completely made up of marbel .

Best time to visit :- best time to visit jhunjhunu is from October to march .

How to reach :- you can prefer road as well as railways for the purpose .

  1. Ajmer

One of the oldest city in Rajasthan ,situated in the center of Rajasthan. it is the home to ajmer sharif shrine . this city is encircled by aravali mountains .

Key places to visit in ajmer :-

1.ajmer sharif :- also known as dargah sharif . it is the tomb of moinuddin chishti . one of the holiest place to worship in india not only for muslims but also for the people who believe in truth and faith .

  1. ana sagar lake :- artificial lake made by anaji chauhan . it is scattered over the 13 km of area . besides this, lake is also surrounded by beautiful gardens and marbel pavilions .
  2. akber’s palace and museum :- developed in the 1500 AD , where he and his companions used to stay in at ajmer . it is at the centre of the town . it usually attracts a huge mass of tourists.
  3. nareli jain temple :- it is situated on the outskirts of the town, ajmer approx 7 km away . It is magnificently made up of marbel with great design .
  4. durga bagh garden :- with its glaring beauty it is situated on the banks of ana sagar lake with its charming backround its shows like shimla , which was made by maharaja mangal singh .

Best time to visit ajmer :- October to march is the best time to visit  . at this time weather will be cooler as well as pleasant for the  holidays .

How to reach ajmer :- nearby airport is sanhane airport in jaipur . one can easily reach ajmer by bus or railways .

  1. Bharatpur

It has elevation off about 183 m , therefore it is also known as “lohagarh” or earthern gateway to Rajasthan .

Key places to visit in bharatpur :-

  1. bharatpur national park :- today, it is known as keoladeo national park, one of the most famous sanctuary in india . it is about 29 km eserver compromises of dry grassland, woodland, wet lands and swamps . it consists of about 50 species of fish, 13 species of snake, 5 species of lizards, 7 species of amphibian, 7 species of turtle , 379 flora species and 366 species of birds .
  2. lohagarh fort :- lohagarh fort stands truthful to its name and survived many battled attacks of military forces as well as ravage from centuries . its name suggests that it is impenetrable . it is solid and protected by deep moats from all sides .
  3. banke bihari temple :- banke bihari temple is located in the middle of the city . it is built on acres of land . a place which can be called as ideal for land Krishna and radha worship, as an idol of lord Krishna and radha is placed in the main hall .
  4. bharatpur palace and museum :- this place seems to be brain storming dating back to 2nd sanctuary , depicts more about rajput – mughal architecture designs . it is made up of complete white marbel, now converted to a heritage hotel . a section of palace is now converted into a museum previously known as karma khase .
  5. shoping centre :- bharatpur is known for its bangles, clothes, mojris and other typical Rajasthan hand craft . as silver is comparitavely cheaper in rajasthan, so one can buy in lower price.
  6. Ganga mandir :- one of the most glaring temples of bharatpur . it is beautifully designed structure , attracts a huge mass of tourists .

Best time to visit bharatpur :- winter will e the perfect time to visit bharatpur . as you can witness a great view of migrating birds at bharatpur bird sanctuary .

How to reach bharatpur :- it is greatly connected by both road and railways to other cities so one can prefer any way .

  1. BikanerAmer Fort rajasthan

Bikaner is a beautiful city of rajasthan state situated in the north west .

Key places to visit in Bikaner :-

  1. junagarh fort :- junagarh fort is one of the manifest charm of the Bikaner city previously also known as chintamani and then was renamed as junagarh . many beautiful and unique mountains are also in the fort .
  2. national research centre on camel :- it is one of the interesting place to visit in Bikaner . It is open for tourists during afternoon .
  3. gajner palace :- this is one of the most beautiful palace in rajasthan . nearby sanctuary and also adjacent to lakeside . through out the property there is availability of free wifi .
  4. karni mata temple :- it is about 30 km from Bikaner, located in deshnoke . karni mata temple is famous for the special bond shared by the devotees and rats . whole temple is made up of white marbel and beautiful designs .
  5. lallgarh palace :- it was made by maharaja of bikaner in between 1902 and 1926 . this palace has a mixture architecture design of rajput, mughal and European styles as this reflects a great influence of britishers .
  6. rampuuriya haweli :- it is a huge magnificent houses with complete great details of jharokas and carvings, never the less then palaces .

Best time to visit Bikaner :- October to February is the most preferable time to visit Bikaner . as temperature during this time is cool and pleasant .

How to reach Bikaner :- road and railways both are preferable . closest airport from Bikaner is jodhpur which is approx 251 km away .

  1. chittorgarhchittorgarh fort rajasthan

Located besides the berach river, a tributary of the banas . it is also a former capital of the sisodia rajput dynasty of mewar . chittor is also nown as the the land of worship for meera , also known for panna dai . in chittorgarh , chittor ort is famous as it is largest fort in india and asia .

Key places to visit :-

  1. chittorgarh fort :- this symbolizes the ancient capital form of maewar kingdom . this fort held 84 water structure in the history . this is the fort where rani padmavati plummeted into fire to safeguard her ownself from enemies . this fort has many towers, temples, palaces, gate and many huge structure inside .
  2. vijay stambh :- also known as victory tower, piece of persistence of chittorgarh . it was built by rana kumbha , kinf of mewar to celebrate his victory over combine forces of malwa and Gujarat led by khilji in 1448 .
  3. kirti stambh :- one f the most famous sstructure among all the forts in india . designed in solanti architecture, it has many windows and balconies well known for carvings of the digamber sect, that seven story telling tower has a beautiful adinatha statue on second floor .
  4. kalika mata temple :- famed temple of the chittorgarh and tourist can’t complete their tour without visiting of this temple . beauty of the temple lies in the fantastic sculpture and architecture of the temple .

Best time to visit :- October to march are the months best to visit .

How to reach :- roads and railways both are convenient for travel nearby airport is udaypur , one can prefer it also .

  1. dholpurBhangarh Fort rajasthan

Dholpur district of rajasthan is situated on the eastern most side of rajasthan . dholpur is also known as dhaulpur .

Key places to visit :-

  1. ramsagar sanctuary :- ramsagar sanctuary is basically for aquatic species, one can get a complete exposure towards aquatic animals . ramsagar has a great number of crocodile species, snakes and rare fishes . one can also enjoy by watching birds like stilt, moorhen, cororants, ibis, sand piper, darter . animals like geese and ducks migrate here in winter
  2. teerthraj machkund temple :- this temple is almost about 4 km in area . an ancient place for religious worship . this location has a magnificent view .
  3. chopra shiv temple :- one of the most ancient shiv temple of shiv in india . on the occasion of maha shiv ratri , this temple witnessed most crowed in the month of march .

Best time to visit :- best time to visit dholpur is in the winter to experience pleasant and great visit .

How to reach :- both road and railways are preferred .

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  1. kota

In history it was known as kotah, situated in southeast side of the rajasthan state . it is very famous for its educational tourism but it does have some great places for people who are on vacations .

Key places to visit :-

  1. seven wonders park :- person who wished to visit seven wonders across the globe but are not able to can visit there to fulfill their wishes . it includes seven wonders such as taj mahal, great pyramid, eiffel tower, leaning tower, Christ the redeemer of brazil, colossium and statue of liberty . it hypnotize a huge population of tourists .
  2. kishore sagar and jagmandir palace :- it is artificial lake has beautiful location built by bundi prince in 1346 . it is situated near great brij vilas palace museum
  3. garadia mahadev :- famous for its location att scenic Chambal gorge attracts huge mass of tourists . great plce for hindu worship nearby daulatganj . presence of peacocks enhances the beauty of the temple .
  4. kota barrage :- great pace to spend a peaceful evening near riverside . it is a dam constructed over Chambal river, also aside by beautiful Chambal gardens .

Best time to visit :- as kota experience semi arid climate with high temperature . it is preferable to visit kota from the months of October to march only because of cool and pleasant weather .

How to reach :- kota has well organized connection through both road and railways . closest airport is in jaipur which is about 183 km far away .

  1. pratapgarhJaipur City Palace rajasthan

Pratapgarh is a town surrounded by tribal villages, well know for edible jiralun and hing . it is also know for mount abu . this city has a mixture of both new and ancient cultures .

Key places to visit in pratapgarh :-

  1. sita mata wildlife sanctuary :- located over the ranges of vidhyachal and aravali . the significant animal in the sanctuary is the flying squirrel .
  2. Jakham reservoir :- jakham reservoir located in town anuppura at pratapgarh district . it is constructed over waterways of mahi .
  3. gautameshwar temple :- gautameshwar temple is about 3 km away from pratapgarh . this place is also symbolise like haridwar where one can get free from their wrong doings. This place is denoted to shiva and a valuable place for malwa , vagad and mewar community .

Best time to visit :- winter will be preferable time to visit pratapgarh .

How to reach :- as pratapgarh is not connected by railways, so you can take bus or private caps to visit there closest airport is about 145 km away in udaypur city .

  1. madhopurAntharagange

Madhopur is also known as sawai madhopur . sawai madhopur was a planned city constructed by maharaja madho singh of jaipur from 1751 to 1768 .

Key places to visit :-

  1. rantthambhore national park :- rantthambhore national park is one of the imperative and prominent pace to visit in sawai madhopur, located about 11 km away from the main city . in northern india it is counted in one of the largest national park . the aim of this national park is to provide shelter, food and security to tigers in order to increase their population . this location let in three lakes namely raj bagh talab, malik talaband padam talab .
  2. rantthambhore fort :- this fort was constructed in the 18th century by the chauhans . spread on an ecological desert, nearby aravali and vidhyas mountains range . this fort includes many beautiful places like toran dwar, 32- pillared chhatri, a mosque, ganesh temple and sametan ki haweli .

Best time to visit :- October to april is the best time to visit sawai madhopur . after april the temperature gets too hot to bare .

How to reach :- sawai madhopur does not have a bus stand of its own . the nearest bus station is Nagpur and closest airport is sanganeer .

  1. paliMysore

Situated in eastern side of Rajasthan . it is near bandi river . it is also know as the industrial city .

Key places to visit in pali :-

  1. golden temple :- the golden temple is situated in the falna town in pali district . its major attraction site is pilgrims .
  2. om temple :- the shape of this large comples constructed building symbolizes OM . OM constitutes three aspects of god fundamentally which are – Vishnu(the sustainer) , shiva(the liberator) , brahma(the creator) .

Best time to visit pali :- winter season is the best time to visit pali .

How to reach pali :- pali district of Rajasthan is well connected by buses and railways so one can choose any medium for the visit .

  1. NagaurRamanagara Tourist Places near Bangalore within 300 kms

Nagaur district is situated in the midest of two famous town of jodhpur and Bikaner . many fair in Nagaur are organized annually

Key places to visit in Nagaur :-

  1. nagaur fort :- one of the prominent and significant place to visit in nagaur . it symbolizes ways between kings in history .
  2. Deepak mahal :- this mahal is located inside the nagaur fort . it is beautifully constructed palace and a great location for photoshoot .

Best time to visit nagaur :- time period from November to February will be best time in turms of weather to visit nagaur . in these months many fair are also organized .

How to reach nagaur :- it is well connected to all three means road, railways and air . nearest airport is in jodhpur which is about 135 km away .

  1. Udaipurudaipur -rajasthan

Udaipur city is also well know by ‘ city of lakes’ . it is situated in the south side of Rajasthan . it is also near aravali ranges, which divides it from thar desert . it is also one of the most romantic place in india . it is known as city of lakes because it has a very prominent lake system which includes lake such as fateh sagar lake, swaroop sagar lake, ramsagar lake, pichola lake and doodh talai lake .

Key places to visit in Udaipur :-

  1. lake pichola :- lake pichola is surrounded by many beautiful and glaring palaces temples bathing ghats and has elevated hill all around its sides . it is also one of the most historic lake of Udaipur and is largest lake in udaipiur .
  2. city palace :- its architectural design is very famous for one of its kind and fully constructed with marvels . it is near the lake pichola . it is one of the heritage site of india . this palace entirely depicts royal rajput culture and designs .
  3. fateh sagar lake :- fateh sagar lake is a man made lake renowed after maharana fateh singh of Udaipur and mewar .

Best time to visit Udaipur :- best time period to visit Udaipur is from October to march . the weather in these months is very breezy and comfortable for sight seeing .

How to reach Udaipur :- nearest airport is all about 24 km from the main city named as maharana pratap airport . you can also reach through railways and roads as they are also well connected from the main city .

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