Roadies Winners of all Season

Rodies WInners list

Roadies is an indian television reality show that was first launched on MTV in the year 2003.

This show gained a huge popularity and fanbase in no time. Its popularity can be seen not only in India but also across the nation. 

This show is majorly popular amongst the youth.

Open auditions are held and contestants from different places are auditioned on the basis of their mental, physical and emotional strength.

The contestants who pass the first round are qualified to the next round where they compete with each other.

This show gained a lot of popularity due the concept of mentally, physically and emotionally challenging youngsters and had been a great source of motivation.

In total this show covered around 18 seasons and every season they come up with new ideas and an entirely new and interesting concept.

Also we have seen that this show has helped many winners to gain a lot of popularity, name and fame.

Also contestants like Rannvijay Singh and Prince Narula once won the title and now work as the core host or the main head in the show.

All of this sounds so interesting and amazing. So, here for you we have created an entire list of roadies winners of all seasons:


Judges of the show so far- 

Raghu ram, Rannvijay singh, Esha deol, Neha dhupia, Prince narula, Sushil kumar, Virender singh, Karan kundra, Harbhajan singh, Sandeep kumar, Raftaar, Nikhil chinapa 

Season -1

Winner – Rannvijay Singh 

Ranvijay singh is the most successful roadie so far 

He is also seen hosting other seasons of roadies and is currently working as an indian television actor.

Judges of the season – Raghu Ram

Hosted by-Cyrus Sahukar 

Cash price they won- 5 lakhs


Winner Season – 2

Winner- Ayushman Khurana 

Ayushmann khurana is an indian bollywood actor. He has a lot many blockbuster movies in his bag and stands amongst one of the most successful roadies. 

He has also worked as anchor , host , radio jockey and an actor. 

Hosted by- Rannvijay Singh 

Cash price they won- 5lakh

Winner Season – 3

Winner-Parul Shahi 

Parul shahi is a successful bollywood roadie contestant. She won the roadies season-3 title.

She is the first from north east india to win this title. 

Hosted by- Rannvijay Singh

Runner up- Rahul Shrama 

Cash price they won-3lakh 6 thousand 


Winner Season – 4

Winner- Anthony Yeh

Anthony yeh won the title of roadies season-4 . currently he chooses to start away from limelight and choses to maintain his personal life 

Hosted by- Rannvijay Singh

Start date-11th november 2006

Runner up- Gurbani Judge 

Cash price they won-3lakh 75 thousand 5 hundred 


Winner Season – 5

Winner-Ashutosh Kaushik 

Ashutosh kaushik is an india bollywood actor and a roadies contestant. 

He is also the winner of bigg boss season-2. Later, he was also seen in roadies season 6 and 8

Hosted by- Rannvijay Singh

Start date-13th january 2008

Runner up- Nihal Nikam 

Cash price they won-2lakh 30 thousand 


Winner Season – 6 

Winner- Nauman Sait 

He is the daring winner of season-6 roadies and also titled as hell down under because of his exceptionally amazing performance in the season. 

Hosted by- Rannvijay Singh

Start date- 26 april 2009

Runner up- longkiri timung 

Cash price they won- 3 lakh 62 thousand 


Season – 7

Winner- Anwar Sayed 

Hosted by-Rannvijay Singh

Start date- 25 june 2010

Runner up- Zaid Bin Nazir

Cash price they won- 90 thousand


Season – 8

Winner-  Aanchal khurana

Hosted by-Rannvijay Singh

Anchal khurana is an indian television actress. She has worked with many shows such as sapne suhane ladakpan ke and savdhan india

She was the winner of season-8 roadies. 

Start date-18 June 2011

Runner up-  Mohit Saggar

Cash price they won- 4 lakhs


Season – 9

Winner – Vikas Khoker

Vikas khoker hails from chandigarh and is the winner of roadies season-9.

Hosted by-Rannvijay Singh

Start date-30th june 2012

Runner up- himani sharma 

Cash price they won-6 lakh and 17 thousand 

Season – 10

Winner-Palak johal 

She is probably the third girl to win the title of roadies. She has also featured in a handful of music albums.

Hosted by-Rannvijay Singh

Start date-11 may 2013

Runner up- ramandeep kaur dhillon 

Cash price they won-4 lakh 50 thousand 


Season – 11

Winner-Nikhil Sachdeva

Nikhil Sachdeva is a lyricist composer and a writer. He won the title of roadies season-11

Hosted by-Rannvijay Singh

Start date-18th may 2014

Runner up- utkarsh khanna 

Cash price they won-3 lakh 20 thousand 


Season – 12

Winner-Prince Narula

Prince narula is the winner of roadies season 12. He is one of the most successful roadie. 

He also won bigg boss double trouble. 

Along with that he has also been featured in various song albumus and indian television shows 

Hosted by-bani judge 

Start date- 27th june 2015

Runner up- gurmeet rehal

Cash price they won-5 lakhs 


Season – 13

Season-13 was skipped by makers and roadies X2 was followed by roadies X4


Season – 14

Winner-balraj singh khehra

Balraj singh khehra hails from punjab. He won the roadies season-14 title. 

Hosted by- gaelyn mendonca 

Start date-19th june 2016

Runner up- navdeesh singh 

Price they won- renault duster


Season – 15

Winner-Shweta Mehta

Hosted by-gaelyn mendonca 

Start date- 22 july 2017 

Runner up- baseer ali 

Price they won-  renault duster 


Season – 16

Winner – Kashish thakur

Hosted by-Rannvijay Singh

Start date-4 august 2018 

Runner up- preeti kuntal 

Price they won-  renault duster 


Season – 17

Winner-Arun Sharma 

Hosted by-Rannvijay Singh

Start date- 18 august 2019

Runner up- ankita pathak 

Price they won- Dhoom (super bike) 


Season – 18

Winner- this show is yet to be continued.

Its making was kept on hold due to COVID-19 and the winners are yet to be decided

Hosted by-Rannvijay Singh

Start date-21 March 2020



I have been watching roadies from the very first season. It inspires me a lot and likely Roadies have  been an inspiration to a lot many youngsters so far. 

The hardwork and determination in the contestants can be seen from the very first episode of the season. 

Level of difficulty and challenges keep on increasing by every episode and every season. 

In Fact the intensity of focus that contestants need to put can be seen in the mentors too. 

We hope you liked our views on the show MTV Roadies 

Do share your reviews if you liked our article.

And do let us know what you feel about this show MTV Roadies and the contestants. Are you waiting for the next season in the comment section?


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