Top Haryanvi Singers of all time in Bollywood

Haryanvi Singers

Haryanvi folk music is majorly comprised of two forms- classical folk and desi folk. Haryana has produced many top Haryanvi singers and artists of all time who are showing their talent all over the world.

Some of the famous and top Haryanvi singers are mentioned below-

1. Ajay Hooda

Haryanvi Singer Ajay Hooda

Ajay Hooda is the new music sensation in the Haryanvi music industry. He has started to demonstrate his special mark among the Haryanvi singers.

Ajay Hooda sings his own composed songs as he has faith in doing the assignment of a musician. His popularity has achieved this much in the Haryana that individuals continue playing his Haryanvi songs in relational unions and wedding to move upon.

His songs are particularly appreciated in each gathering sorted out by Haryanvi in Haryana state.

Ajay Hooda’s tunes are delighted over among each age scope of the music sweethearts who lean toward Haryanvi music songs.

He fundamentally ended up famous with songs like Hola Patola, Solid Body, Bahu Jamidar Ki and so on.

Ajay Hooda has worked in numerous songs, an inside limited ability to focus his profession as of now has shaken a great deal and broke numerous records as well.

Individuals are expecting that he can be a new precious stone star of Haryanvi Music industry.

Some of the famous songs of Ajay Hooda are:

  • Hola Patola
  • Na Itni Tu Girkaya Kar
  • Solid Body
  • Bahu Jamidar Ki

2. Anjali Raghav

Haryanvi Singer Anjali Raghav

Anjali Raghav is one of the most commonly known Haryanvi Singer. She is also known as a Haryanvi model as well as a dancer.

She made an outstanding entry in the Haryanvi music industry with her song “Solid Body” with Ajay Hooda which was very appreciated by the listeners. Instead of Haryanvi songs, she also played several roles in Punjabi songs too.

She is very famous on the onscreen because of her cute looks in Haryanvi songs. Anjali Raghav is frantically appreciated and cherished due to many Haryanvi songs by the audience.

She has set up her standard in an entirely interesting way and has affected Haryanvi audience with her modeling, acting aptitudes apart from her excessively charming looks.

Recently she was found in performing Haryanvi song “Bol Papihe”. This tune is a blockbuster hit in Haryana and was continuously played by provincial TV channels.

Anjali Raghav is blessed with huge achievement in a very limited amount of time at a very young age.

Some of the famous songs of Anjali Yadav are:

  • Tere Suit Ki Kadhai
  • Solid Body
  • Sandal
  • Kothe Chad Lalkaru
  • Tu Keekar Ka Ped Se

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3. Pooja Hooda

Haryanvi Singer Pooja Hooda

Nowadays there is a various number of models and Haryanvi singers in the music industry and one of them is Pooja Hooda. Many of the singers are looking for a chance to play a role in Bollywood and they are ruling over the hearts of millions of fans all over the country.

Pooja Hooda might not get a chance to play in Bollywood but her name always rules in the hearts of the people all over the world.

There might be many other singers in Haryana who are very popular but most of them might not able to compete with Pooja Hooda and they might take several years to become as much famous as Pooja Hooda.

There is no doubt that the song in which Pooja Hooda plays her role will not be a famous song. There are some songs of Pooja Hooda which were liked by the audience.

Some of her most liked songs are Bhai Ka Maal which got more than 40 million views. Likewise, Tight Body, Kali Bahu, Pyasa Pardesi, Main Gori Tu Kala and many more are also some of the famous songs of Pooja Hooda.

Some of her latest videos are:

  • Padosan
  • Sanam
  • Pat Gaya Re Chala
  • Jhol Mar Ke Nachri Bhabi

Four months ago, she got married to the famous Haryanvi star Pradeep Boora.

4. Sapna Choudhary

Haryanvi Singer Sapna Choudhary

Sapna Choudhary is one of the most popular Indian film actresses. She works as a dancer and a Stage singer. She was born in the year 1990 in Rohtak, a place in Haryana, India.

Sapna is very famous for her work in Haryana as a Stage singer, dancer and furthermore showed up in the Indian Bollywood film industry after the BIGG BOSS season 11.

She appeared as a stage entertainer after the death of her father when she was 12 years old. Sapna began her career as one of the most generously paid stage performers in Haryana.

She made extraordinary progress in her first Tv show BIGG BOSS. Sapna made a big appearance with the Orchestra gathering and now she ends up being the best positioned among the main symphony bunches in India.

She worked in symphony bunches as a Dancer just to pursue her family after the death of her dad. Sapna earned many regards from Haryanvi individuals identified by her dancing and singing execution.

Some of the famous songs of Sapna Choudhary are:

  • Teri Aakhya Ka Yo Kajal
  • Tu Cheez Lajawab
  • Bandook Margi
  • Chhori Bindaas

5. Sonika Singh

Haryanvi Singer Sonika Singh

Sonika Singh has turned out to be exceptionally famous in Haryana as a very well known Haryanvi singers. The producers have a goal to give a role in their every third song to Sonika Singh as she is on the top.

Sonika Singh had interest in acting since her adolescence. In any case, according to the normal rules of Haryana, her parents did not want her to do likewise.

Her mom needed her to wind up a doctor in life while her dad wanted her to pursue her career as m a Govt. Employee.

Be that as it may, when she got familiar with the world, she had understood her enthusiasm in acting.

So she demanded her parents to give her a chance to take initiative in Haryanvi industry.

Her first super hit song was discharged in June 2017 named as ‘4G Ka Jamana’ and it is superhit till date. This song gave her a lot of name and fame.

Sonika Singh is constantly grateful for this extraordinary song that gave her a chance to succeed. She is likewise a source of motivation for some small artists who see their splendid future in this line.

Some of the famous songs of Sonika Singh are:

  • 4G Ka Jama
  • Landoor
  • Challiya
  • Sasre Ka Pani
  • Thekedarni

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